Aaberg Home

Posted by Eric Aaberg October 11, 2018 in

What is Aaberg Home?

Aaberg Home Services is an internal, fully-connected, and automated system I created for my family, The Aabergs.

Aaberg Home is a smart and secure system which includes private google accounts for individual family members’ email and work, online cloud storage of all devices, and a private slack workspace for family communication.

The site you’re on right now is hosted by Aaberg Home Services, hence the aaberghome.com domain.

Why Create This?

I am highly passionate for many things, such as security and time-management efficiency. I put my own family on their own individual Google Account via GSuite and connected them to our family’s Slack Workspace to carry out daily electronic tasks and services, as well as family communication.

We’ve got the latest technology: synchronized calendars, the most secure email client, cloud based document drives, and more.

Slack Workspace

SMS is so outdated and insecure, so I decided to put Slack to the test and create a dedicated and secure workspace for my family’s communication with each other. And honestly – it’s been great.

We have some cool things that I’ve set up in the Slack, such as: #family-chat for family discussion and chatting, #location-updates for our GPS location and updates, #doorbell for alerts when someone rings our doorbell via RING, #erics-photos for mom to see when I post new photos on my Instagram, #security-email-alerts for urgent email alerts regarding account security, and much much more.

I mean, after all, I 💖 Slack so this has been a great and successful test. I am also Slack Certified!

That’s about a wrap for all that I have about Aaberg Home Services. There’s tons more behind the scenes technical wise, but it’s a private service so there’s not much to go there. Of course, aaberghome.com is only accessible for my family so you won’t find much of anything on the public side other than this site and other sites I publicly host through this service.