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[UTD Mercury] Lover of All Things UTD

Entrepreneurship and marketing sophomore Eric Aaberg dedicates over 20 hours each week for UTD-related extracurricular activities. Photo by Anna Phengsakmueang | Photo Editor   He calls himself the sorcerer of school spirit, his personal Instagram is a mosaic of green and orange and Temoc flashes across multiple posts. Entrepreneurship and marketing sophomore Eric Aaberg takes […]

[UTD Mercury] Esports team reaches quarterfinals

The Comets lost at the quarterfinals stage during OP Live Dallas on Sept. 22. The “Overwatch” A team defeated Colorado State University and Mississippi State University in separate matches, placing fifth overall. Photo by Michael Stout | Mercury Staff. The UTD “Overwatch” team kicked off its season by advancing to the quarterfinals of a local […]

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