Celebrating Discord’s 6th Birthday In Style (And With Cake)

Posted by Eric Aaberg May 14, 2021 in Personal Blog & Posts

If you know anything about me, you know that I always talk about Discord and cannot be a loud enough cheerleader for the modern-day platform that has become one of the most popular go-to’s for today’s age in digital communication. And if you’ve been following around some of the news, today, March 13th, 2021, is Discord’s 6th Birthday as a company.

As a Discord Partner, HypeSquad Member, Community Leader, and long-veteran user since 2015 – I knew we, the team over for UT Dallas Esports and even the UT Dallas Discord had to do something in order to celebrate this special day.

However today was an extra special Discord Birthday, as for the first time ever, Discord revealed a brand new look and feel for the company’s branding, marketing, and message.

Since I was able to see the announcement of the new re-brand, I quickly created a few graphics and printed them out – I decided to get individual portraits of a few student members of our UT Dallas Esports Creative Staff Team and “collage” them together to spell out “HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY DISCORD” – ah yes, absolutely adorable. The “collage” I originally had in mind didn’t actually fit in our graphic, so I just photoshopped us all together holding the signs, Wumpus (Discord’s mascot), and Temoc (UT Dallas’ mascot).

Celebrating Discord's 6th Birthday from the UT Dallas Esports Team | Left to right: Olivia Johnson, Avery Carter, Kelsi Tresko, Eric Aaberg

Celebrating Discord’s 6th Birthday from the UT Dallas Esports Team | Left to right: Olivia Johnson, Avery Carter, Kelsi Tresko, Eric Aaberg

In addition to this photo, we got a picture of Wumpus and Temoc actually celebrating the birthday together with a piece of cake (or well… cake pop – thanks Starbucks for that)! We set up a cute table for the two and took some great pictures – here’s how they turned out:


Adorable right? Two best friends, enjoying some cake pops together, and celebrating nearly 4 years of friendship (that’s when our Discord communities were created).

Now Eric.. why are you such a fan of Discord?

This is a great question that I get quite often! Not only do I absolutely love Discord as a platform, concept, and company (and to hopefully one day work for *fingers crossed*). But it’s a way that I’ve been able to make thousands of friends online and in my life.

Growing up as a gamer, I always found it easier to relate to my online friends on the Playstation 3, and when Discord came out – it made it a lot more accessible to stay in touch with my online friends, meet new ones, as well as create communities. So yes, that’s why I’m such a fan of Discord – and I enjoy reppin’ them, because if I can somehow convince a random person to use Discord, who knows how much that will impact their life? Maybe they’ll meet a new best friend in college, a new roommate, or even a future coworker/college! This past year has validated the concept of digital communication and meeting people through the internet more than ever, and Discord’s here to make it your place to talk, meet people, and make friends.