Creating A Community For Student Marketing Hustlers

Posted by Eric Aaberg February 3, 2021 in MarketingPersonal Blog & Posts

As a marketing student in their junior year in college, I’ve noticed that I really haven’t learned too much that is related to my job as a Social Media Manager / Community Manager (specifically in the Esports/Gaming industry). With that being said, I’m starting a new friend circle to overcome the lack of hands-on experience and lessons in the classroom to not only teach & motivate myself but other passionate students who want to learn.


Welcome everyone to your new friend circle of Student Marketing Hustlers! I created a Discord Server because I’ve noticed how little I learn in college/in class about marketing and realize how important it is to learn hands-on as well as from others.

This Discord is going to become a new hub for those who are passionate about learning marketing where we’ll be sharing tips, advice, resources, and more with each other – learning from one another, growing our personal brands, and leveraging ourselves in job interviews, brand deals, and more.

This friend circle & Discord Server is targeted to marketing students, however is open to everyone because your major shouldn’t limit your opportunities.

To join, head over to