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New Website, New Design, New Brand

It’s been quite a while since I have posted a personal blog post. If you did by chance read my last few posts about college and such on, you would have noticed that I started college at The University of Texas at Dallas and have been a bit busy with college life and activities! Well, now that it is summer, I have been able to have extra spare time to focus more on my professional brand and even give an update to my website.

A few changes you’ll really notice is that I have switched my website back from to to keep my personal branding consistent, as all of my handles and usernames are @erictigerawr. Additionally, I have also organized my previous works/accounts page and services page so that users visiting my site can quickly find some of my previous work and services that I offer with ease! And finally… new colors! 🎉

With this new change, I plan to grow my professional brand to a whole new level – and of course, use the blog more on my website. So with that being said, stay tuned! P.S. – Want to know what I am up to on a regular basis? I post quite often on my Instagram Page as well as on my Twitter! Feel free to interact with me on there!


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